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Who says Mac users should get to have all the fun? There seems to be some myth that if you want to be creative and make music you need to be a Mac user and get GarageBand and all that jazz. Sorry, did I miss the part where Windows doesn't work with a sound card? I think not. In fact many of my favorite internet producers work with Windows.

The funny thing is GarageBand isn't really that great. I mean it's fine for what it is and I can see why people would want to download it for Windows but really there's better options. There's nothing to stop you from using your keyboard to make music with Windows.

The problem is that there is no actual Garage Band for PC. It's made only for Mac users but to be honest that's not really a problem - since the alternative makes better music easier and it works just fine with both PC and Mac.

If I told you there was a piece of software which was easier to use, made better quality beats and would let you make music people actually wanted to hear? And if I told you I could teach you to promote music online to grow your own fanbase easily?

(Oh and you don't even have to be able to play an instrument - although you can if you want).

You'd be into that right?

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What Our Students Say

"I can't sing or play an instrument but I'm working on my first CD with this and it's sounding great! :)"
Dim G
"I get to practice piano on my computer without annoying everyone else."
"Already building fans online with this. Looking forward to see where it will take me!"
Aspiring Online DJ
"I love being able to make music like this so easily."

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Personally, I just love the freedom you get from making music like this. I can drag and drop some sounds around just to see what they sound like or turn my keyboard into an instrument and see what I can come up with. Heck if that doesn't do it I can remix some other songs and that's where things can really get creative for me.

Digital music production gives you the freedom to make nearly anything you want and the internet gives you a perfect way to find people who want to hear what else you make. I've been amazed at the millions of listeners and fans people get by making music online. And once you break it down - it's not really all that hard. And that's exactly what we do. We break it down. Originally we were just a with a couple of tracks here and there and people used to ask us about Mixcraft and GarageBand software. But now we've grown into a full premium training course which teaches people to make music right from their computer and we don't charge a dollar for it.

The problem with programs like GarageBand is everyone can make some crappy sounding music. But who really wants to listen to that kind of thing? Sure it's fun to make but when I first got started I didn't want to settle for less. So I started learning how to make music people really wanted to listen to, how to make good music. Then I learned how to promote myself easily online

So there is no download GarageBand for Windows link here. And that's partly because the reality is that the GarageBand Software is owned by Apple so it's only available for Apple (go figure). But I've never done music work with a Mac and that hasn't stopped me. We found one of the best alternatives and put together an entire training course which not only shows you how to make your beats but how to promote yourself online. Having fun making some music is great but if you really want to make something of your new found talent you need to find people who want to listen to your music. And this is actually a lot easier to do than you'd think.

Our training starts with getting you the right tools for the job. You don't need a huge expensive recording studio (although a few years ago you would have) and GarageBand doesn't have the punch we need (plus it only works for Apple) so we fix you up with the best GarageBand for PC alternative (which we suggest to our Mac users as well) and we're actually going to show you how to use it.

We break everything down to make it as easy as possible from guides to videos we're going to show you how to actually work the software and not just leave you with the basics and walk away.

So whether you want to produce professional music and sell it or just mess around with a digital keyboard (or anything in between) we have you covered. From setting up a digital studio to messing around on your laptop playing a few random notes. We cover everything from the best software to the easiest way to actually make and promote your music. And all without ever actually having played an instrument before.

We show you how to find your own rhythm and make the music you want to make and after that we show you how to actually promote yourself. And we're not talking just the basics of 'upload your music to the internet and sit on your hands' we're actually going to show you how anyone can gets fans quickly and easily. People seem to think that having fans around the world is just not going to happen but it's really not that hard. The internet is changing everything - including the music industry. We're going to show you how to get your slice and it all starts with you downloading our garageband for windows and starting our training - the sooner you get started the sooner you'll find your rhythm.

Fake Windows GarageBand Versions

Warning! There are a lot (and I really do mean a lot) of websites out there claiming to have a download for a working GarageBand for Windows 7. But this shouldn't be news to you that the internet is full of scams and either they're trying to sell you some junk or they want you to download some spammy software which will do goodness knows what to your computer. Garage Band for PC doesn't actually exist and a lot of the YouTube videos and websites offering it are not legit. And Mac users this goes the same for you - Fruity Loops Mac compatible downloads are just as fake.

We don't (and never have) claimed to have a Windows version of GarageBand or anything of the sort. We provide working alternatives (that are actually better than the original) and we show you how to use them.

Learning to Make Music

We try to cover as much as we can in our training. We take you from the basics of getting setup with a beat maker and installing it to making your first beat. When it actually comes to making music we cover a wide range of genres and go into some of the fun stuff like remixing existing tracks. The main focus is to try and get you learning how to do things properly instead of just copying us beat for beat. Real success in music creation comes from people doing things their way - you just need to learn the functionality first. We don't pretend like you can learn this stuff in your sleep but we think we've made it as easy as possible with guides in both text and video. No big massive textbooks which will probably just put you to sleep. Instead we try to make it as engaging as possible and we do the training by email to break it up day by day. If you can't practice every day that's fine but we don't give you everything at once because you'll have plenty to work with and it avoids overloading you too much at once.

From time to time you also have access to competitions which gives you a chance to make your best music, get a lot of exposure and even win yourself some cash prizes. Our competitions are limited to our users and overall they are limited to people using the tool (or tools) we suggest. GarageBand users won't really benefit from our training too much but the beat making software we use in the training actually works for both PC and Mac anyway.

GarageBand Alternative Downloads

Scrolling right to the bottom to find the download link eh? A user after my own heart. You actually missed it we have a big download button up above (looks like a green arrow going into a box with the word 'download' above it) but we do suggest you take the time to give us your emaill (just below) and get our training. You get redirected to our GarageBand for Windows download page afterwards and that way you also learn how to make music properly.

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