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After a lot of experience promoting media online the team here at DJ TouchBeats put together a complete site and training kit to teach people to make and promote their own tunes without needing a Mac. Windows is a strong Operating System and this whole idea of needing a Mac to be creative and create beats is just crazy.

Our training is made to show you how to do everything with Windows. From finding the best Windows software alternative and actually making the music to actually learning how to promote your music online which is how you actually get somewhere with it.

Now we have some legal stuff we need to go over.

We're not associated with Apple, Windows or any of the software we talk about. The writers for this site are just DJs who promote making music with Windows alternatives.

I don't consider myself materialistic but everyone has to pay the bills somehow right? The owners of this site might get monetary compensation for any sales of products we link to. We don't own them, or are we involved with them, but we simply don't make our own beat software so instead we suggest other peoples. We suggest only the best quality beat making softwares but you should really judge any purchase based on your own personal circumstance. We're ethical about what we do and won't link to something which we don't believe in - but we are paid for any sales.

Any opinions expressed by us are just that. They are the opinions of the writer or contributor and do not (necessarily) represent the views or opinions of DJ TouchBeats. We think some tools are better than others, we think some people make better music than others and we think we shouldn't have to work on Monday mornings. But we also think we should be paid for just being us so I wouldn't take us too seriously. All that said we're ethical about what we do and say and you're welcome to contact us if you have any questions or problems with any opinions expressed.

We also want to be clear about our training. We'll show you how to work the software and how to promote your music online. Some people might do very well with this and we love to hear success stories. But some of it is down to how hard you work, some of it will certainly depend on how good your music is and some is just down to luck. We'll do our best to show you how to promote and get your beats out there but it's down to you to make it happen.

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