GarageBand Alternative Softwares | Pro Beats with Windows

By the end of our training we want to get you making and promoting your own music. Now because we're talking digital music production it would help if we actually had the right tools for the job. The basic software most people go to when they're getting started is GarageBand. But because we're focusing on something everyone can use (and something with a little more power behind it) we're going to get you setup with GarageBand for PC alternative.

We're going with software which has everything you need to get started, something cheap and it will work for everyone. In fact you can even work with it on a browser if you don't want to install anything. Although for best results we suggest you do. It will run in both Mac and Windows and it doesn't take up much room.

We'll show you how to get setup and started. We've got a bunch of the basic video guides to show you how to get started and play around with the basics. We won't leave you stranded there however, once you have the software it'll be time to get started.

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