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To start with I hate to break it to you but there actually no Fruity Loops for Mac at the moment. It doesn't exist and the tools one of those ones which only works for Windows. But before you start panicking I do have a suggestion for you. Actually I have two.

First of all there's an alternative. Actually I'd call it more of a 'preference' than an alternative. If I told you there was a beat maker which was half the price of Fruity Loops, was easier to learn and still had more features than most DJs would even know what to do with would you be excited?

What if I told you this beat maker worked with both Mac and Windows?

Ok and if I told you DJ TouchBeats (that's us in case you didn't pay attention to the URL you clicked) was offering free training in how to make AND promote your music online?

You're excited right? Get started with us and we can have that Mac of yours dropping beats in the next ten minutes.

Download the Best Fruity Loops for Mac Alternative

(And get our free training to make AND promote beats online)

But there's more to really making music than just hitting a few notes with your keyboard or mouse...

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AND get the best Fruity Loops alternative for the Mac!

produce music with windows
GarageBand equivalent for PC

So our first suggestion (we think) is the best. The only difference between the software we use and Fruity Loops is they have more instruments built in to start with but you can add more with ours and not only does with work for Mac but it's half the price.

Ages ago there was something about a Fruity Loops Mac beta but I don't think there's been mention of that in over a year. Their website does say it works with the Mac but that's when you're running Boot Camp. For those that don't know - this means you have to boot your Mac up in Windows just to be able to use it. This is really a bit of a cop out since really any tool can run with this. But why bother having to reboot every time you want to make some beats (giving up everything else you normally run) when you can do better straight from your Mac?

I'd care more but even if I did work with a Mac these days I wouldn't get Fruity Loops - there's just no point. So you can wait around and hope that a Fruity Loops Studio Mac edition turns up at some point or take our training and get started today.

I do want to point out we've got nothing against Fruity Loops or FL Studio. They make a good tool but we don't think it's the best and since it only really works with Windows it doesn't really work with everyone. And Mac is meant to be the creative operating system as well.

So make your peace with the idea that there is no Fruity Loops for Mac. It just doesn't exist but instead of shrugging your shoulders and going back to GarageBand (or giving up altogether) scroll the hell up and take our training. We're going to show you a decent beat maker which works with Mac and PC, we're going to show you how to use it and then we're going to show you how to actually promote yourself online.

That's my good dead done for today I think. I've saved you money, found you an easier to use beat maker and I'm even throwing in free training. I think the only thing else I could really do is go and buy you a Windows PC and even then I'd be suggesting the same tool.

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