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Our beat training is based around Windows and because GarageBand only works with Apple we need to find a GarageBand for PC. Some people seem to think we're limited by this and think we should get Macs.

These people make crap beats which nobody bothers to listen to. Yeah, that's us told.

Best GarageBand Equivalent for PC

There's a bunch of tools we could suggest as which would work on Windows 7 but we base our training around one of the best and easiest to use. It's called DubTurbo and it beats GarageBand hands down.

GarageBand has one thing going for it. Apple is a big company and can promote it with their fancy expensive advertising campaigns and make people think they need a Mac to do this kind of thing. I mean that's what everyone thinks right? If you don't have a Mac you can't make music.

But here's the truth. The Windows equivalent beats GarageBand into the ground. It doesn't limit you with its rubbish and gives you a lot more freedom to make better beats and make it a hell of a lot easier. It doesn't rely on Apple sized advertising and was made popular because of the beats people have been making with it. The results speak for themselves and hey even Mac users move from GarageBand to DubTurbo because they just get more from it.

Whether you just want to mess around (that's how I started) or you're looking to make beats and promote yourself online this is just a better option. It's easier to use which means if you're just messing around you don't have to struggle for hours. And it makes better quality beats with way more options if you really want to make something different.

You see here's the difference. GarageBand was made to sell to Mac users who didn't really know about the alternatives. This was made for people to make actual beats. It might look similar in some respects but it gives you more control and features plus it's easier to get started with. Even if I did work with a Mac there'd be no real reason to work with GarageBand. In fact we also have a guide on Fruity Loops for Mac for the Mac users out there to steer them to the light!

A few years ago doing this kind of thing would have meant building an entire studio and spending thousands of dollars getting it setup. Now all you need is an installation and to take some time learning how to work it. It's insane. In fact you don't even need to install the software if you don't want to - they have a website version which you can use from a browser. Personally I prefer having it installed but each to their own.

There's actually a lot of different software we could suggest as a Windows equivalent to GarageBand but... well there's a few reasons we don't.

GarageBand equivalent for PC
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