Getting Started | Pro Beats with Windows

Most of the beat making softwares out there will at least show you the basics of how to get started. They'll show you how to work the UI and do the basics like save your tracks etc... And just as you think you're starting to get the hang of it, they leave you high and dry.

A lot of the training out there is just too simplistic. It shows you how to work the software and just leaves it there. And that's useful, but not useful enough.

So we take it a step further and actually show you how to work with the software and make your own beats. We'll start with the basics and have you follow along with a few videos. But after that we're going to focus on getting you making the kind of music you want to make.

Rather than just leave you staring at a blank screen we want to end our training with you having so much to do that you don't even notice we've finished. We try to include everything you need and whatever we miss out - we get from the community so you have everything available to you.

We can't hope to replace years of studying at college for music production. We're just not that big and don't have a class room. But the world is changing and making a name for yourself online with your music is easier than ever before so you don't need it. We offer our premium training for free to anyone who wants it and we'll cover everything you need to get started and get going for yourself.

After getting you used to the software and getting the basic concepts and beats under your belt we'll start on getting your own style started. In order to do this we'll look at some inspiration and how you can use this for yourself. The next part of our training is outlined here.

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