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We decided something right from the start. Rather than being just another DJ site going nowhere we were going to focus on helping people get some actual results. Rather than just giving you some GarageBand PC download links or showing off my own beats I wanted to really show people how to make something from it.

Most people will download some software get lost with it for ten minutes and end up giving up. If everyone did that where would we be?

We have tried some different tools and we do have some links for software you can use. It's not GarageBand because there's no Windows version but we work with Windows alternatives. And this means you'll have some great software to work with and won't have to get a Mac. But really that's not what we're here for. Anyone can tell you what some decent alternatives but we put the focus on the training.

Our Training Topics

We start by helping you chose the software to use. There's tons of great software out there for making beats but ideally what you want is something full featured and easy to work with. We don't work with any crap free beat making software for several reasons. Mainly because none are good enough to work with but if you really must you can still use our promotional training - just don't expect to get nearly the same results.

Next we move onto the basics. How to work the software and understanding the UI, you need to walk before you can crawl right? We'll look at getting something coming through your headphones and give you a few days to play around with it.

Once you've had a little practice and you're used to the UI we'll take it a little further. Some more advanced features and shortcuts to help you get the best out of your software. If you really want creative freedom then we need to break down as many limitations as we can which means making sure you can do everything you need - even if you don't need it at the moment.

Now that you're comfortable working with it we're going to start making some beats. We'll start by making some basic ones and remixing them a bit. Add a sick drop to an example and just get you going from there.

Once you've worked through the basic examples we'll start looking at how you can start making your own. How to structure and tweak them and basically just how to get a good beat going. From remixing to starting from scratch we're going to get you going.

Lastly we're going to show you how to promote yourself. In the age of the internet you don't need to move to the big city and get yourself an agent. You make some beats and show them to people online - before you know it you've thousands of fans. We have some of the best techniques which are killer - and you won't find many DJs sharing this kind of thing.

So we don't just dump some software in front of you and leave you to it. We'll show you how to work it, we'll show you how to make what you want with it and we'll damn sure show you how to get people to listen to it.

Oh and did I mention the training is free? Sign up and get started already.

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