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This is my favorite part of the entire process. I love the freedom of making my own music and doing my own thing but it's far too easy to make a tune which you like yourself. You get rose tinted goggles when you're looking at something you've made yourself sometimes. Friends and family can even go a little too easy on something and at the end of the day even if they do like it - that's not exactly a big list.

If I'm going to make something, I'm going to promote it. This means getting thousands of people to listen to my music, tell me what they think of it and who knows maybe they'll come looking for more of the stuff I've done.

I always liked the aptly named GarageBand. Most actual garage bands never get anywhere. They'll play music for a while and maybe play for some friends and family. If they're really lucky they might play a one time gig at a local bar. It's also pretty apt that you're using a GarageBand alternative for PC because you're not going to do the same as a normal garage band. We're going to get your name and your music out there. What's the use in making music if nobody is going to listen to it?

promote music

We'll show you how to find your fans to suit your style of music. Nobody really makes music the same way and we'll show you exactly how to find the people who like what you make. How to grow your fans and make a name for yourself as quickly and easily as possible. All while making your music yourself.

And I'm not just trying to hype up the basics here like 'upload your music to YouTube!' we go into proper detail on how to really start getting fans quickly. And we break it down to make our guides as easy as possible for everyone to follow.

I'll tell you something you already know here. DJ TouchBeats is not the only site on the internet which teaches you to make music for yourself. We're not the only one making video training to get you making something for yourself. We're not even the only people who focus on Garageband for Windows alternatives and training.


I can tell you that nobody does it better than us and nobody offers this kind of promotional training. Most videos will show you how to make a few bars or something before trying to sell you on some paid training course. Heck we cover more than some of the paid training courses I've seen out there. On top of this we won't let your new beats just rot on your hard drive. Our job is to make sure you're not only making music but getting it out there.

So we're going to get out onto the internet and into the world and show those GarageBand loving Mac fan boys that the PC can compete with the best of them. We're going to show you how to start promoting your music both online and offline and start building yourself fans.

This might sound overwhelming to some of you. Maybe pretty cool as well. It's actually not that hard at all but it is completly optional. If you just want to make music for yourself (or you already know how to promote yourself) then that's fine too.

Keep in mind that we're not making any sensationalist claims of you making a fortune from your music. But if you want to go down that route I can certainly tell you that more than a few people have done very well making music online and this is a great way to get started. We have years of experience of promoting online and we break it down for you to make it as easy as possible.

This is the last part of the training but we'll continue to send out tips and tricks on making music as well as newer ways to promote yourself and your music.

The possibilities are really endless with this kind of thing. It's well worth checkout out and did I mention we're not charging a cent for all of our training?


You know you really should have stopped reading this page by now. Go here and get started already.

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